Music was the first place I started far back when creativity sparked.  At that time, my knowledge of music was extremely limited.  Keeping a rhythm was a lost cause for me, and good luck getting me to read any sheet music.  The discovery of synthesizer software and instruments was a miracle.  I slowly started to learn more about composing basics and have built on that over the years.    

     I took a big pause on music making when I started getting into voicing.  While composing is still a passion of mine, I feel that I need more improvement even still.  For now, enjoy some of my examples of my older works!

Miscellaneous Ambient

Cosmic Rays (Loop).mp3

Crystal Ice Cavern.mp3


The Fancy Waltz.mp3



Time to Roll.mp3

The Move N Groove.mp3

Suspense and Horror

Heartbeats of the Dead (Loop).mp3

Post Apocalyptic.mp3

House Techno

Robotik Instrumental.mp3

World Music and Cinematic

Riding Into The Western Sun.mp3

Nordic Drums.mp3

Life in Japan.mp3

Ancient Egyptian Temple (Loop).mp3

Hall of the Frost King.mp3

Dynasty Trade Town.mp3

Treasure and Rum (Loop).mp3

Halls of the Holy (Loop).mp3

Outlaw Land.mp3

Outlaw Land was my first live recording using my older USB Microphone

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